The largest selection of river rock in our area... And since Discount Bark has been around for so many years, we know where all the different or unusual rock comes from. Just ask, we are always happy to help you find that tough to source material. 

Help measuring how much you need...

Real screened topsoil... Sourced locally from a well manicured ballfield! Our Garden Soil is naturally aged organics with lots of decomposed bark... screened to a useful size for amending gardens. 

We offer all types of mulch. In various grind textures, colors, and composition. Unlike any of our competitors... we make many of our own mulches,  ...and we source only the best materials! This allow us to offer higher quality materials at lower prices. This advantage shows up in our measure. You get more for your money! 

Fieldstone, flagstone, boulders. Typically, we have over a hundred pallets of material to choose from.  We can also special order just about anything you desire.