Black Color Enhanced Mulch

$34.00 per cubic yard **

Black double ground mulch. Ground to a medium fine texture for easy spreading.  Color enhanced with generous amounts of premium colorant. Textured very similar to Double Hardwood Mulch.  

**We have added a Standard Black (same as every one in our area) for $28.00 per yard - Pictures forthcoming


Don't know how much you need?

Contractor's Double Ground

$18.00 per cubic yard

Made from mixed bark and clean wood. We age, to darken, and then double grind to a medium consistency. Surprisingly attractive, durable, stable, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly.

Updated 02.22.21

Brown Color Enhanced Mulch

$34.00 per cubic yard **

A premium color enhanced double ground mulch. Featuring a premium texture and colorant application. Unique since almost all colorized mulch is ground pallets... This one is textured similar to Double Hardwood Bark Mulch.

** We have added a Standard Brown (same as every one in our area) for $28.00 per yard - Pictures forthcoming

Double Ground Pine

$24.00 per cubic yard

Pure pine bark ground to a fine texture. Like all our clean bark mulch products; absolutely no fillers are used. Pine mulch keeps its color better than Hardwood but is more prone to washing or floating. Pine is lightweight, very easy to spread, and surprisingly durable.

Single Ground Pine

​$20.00 per cubic yard

Pine bark mulch that’s been hammered and sized right from the mill. High durability makes it a great choice. Pine holds its color well, it’s easy to spread, lasts a long time, however it’s a little susceptible to washing.


​Single Ground Hardwood

$20.00 per cubic yard

​Quality pure bark single ground hardwood. As always, no fillers. This single process mulch contains fines and overs. Single ground is stable, durable, inexpensive, and filled with plenty of goodies that plants love. Single ground hardwood is one of our staple products and a best seller for almost 20 years.

Premium ​Double Ground Hardwood (best seller for over 20 years)

$24.00 per cubic yard

The best double ground hardwood… Period! We use hand selected pure aged hardwood bark, including lots of highly desirable Red Oak. Then carefully grind and screen it to a fine texture. Our double hardwood is unsurpassed in quality and looks. It spreads smooth, resists floating, enriches your soil, and helps hold moisture so your plants can survive our long dry summers.

Those listed above are our most popular mulch varieties.

​In addition we also sell....

​  Certified Playground Mulch

​  Triple Ground Hardwood (limited availability)


​For bulk orders we can special order any kind of mulch you prefer, such as...

​  Pine Bark Nuggets - Large and Mini

​  Red Color Enhanced Cypress

​  Lower Grades of Color Enhanced Mulches