Coverage Helper      ...we Guarantee our coverage!

M u l c h   a n d    S o i l

Sold by the Cubic Yard (27 cu ft) 

Each Yard will cover      162 square feet @ 2" deep
                                            108 square feet @ 3" deep (recommended depth)
                                            81 square feet @ 4" deep
                                            54 square feet @ 6" deep

G r a v e l   a n d   R i v e r   R o c k

Sold by the Cubic Yard Bucket (with some variation between materials)

We recommend 1 bucket for              130 square feet @ 2" deep
                                                                  90 square feet @ 3" deep

                                            What about Tons?  No retailers in Anderson weigh loose gravel...
                                            Also, Rocks have differing densities. A ton of crusher run is far less material
                                            than a ton of crimson stone.

       *We do have a "small size" bucket for for smaller measures or loading smaller trucks. 

P a l l e t  S t o n e 

Pallets are weighed on our pallet scale and sold by weight.
        Stacking Stone Vertical (Walls) typically requires 1 Ton for every 25 - 35 square feet of wall face.    
        Laying Stone Flat (Patios or walkways) requires approx. 1 Ton per 100 square feet (2" thick stone)
        Veneering Stone typically requires 1 Ton per 150 - 200 square feet of surface (1" thick stone)